Why No Filter Is Better Than A Filter



In our society, we are so fixated with social media filters, which is OK, but what is not acceptable is our obsession with trying to look like someone we are not. We are always comparing our unique identities to the idealised beauty standard. This world of filters is like living in a realm of deception that prevents us from seeing ourselves as we truly are. By this I mean that we are fascinated with attempting to transform ourselves, to be someone else by covering whatever it is that sets us apart from everyone else. 

Of course, these social media platforms are advantageous because they allow us to easily discover new places, connect with people and learn new things. The disadvantage is that they provide us with an unlimited supply of highly edited and perfectly assembled faces and bodies, which adds pressure over how we are “supposed” to look. This is harmful to our mental health. Many people struggle with acceptance and feel like they don’t fit in, so they look for a quick fix solution and filter themselves. Their filtered image may make them appear to be happy, but is this the case?

Never before has there been a brand that promotes the idea of not having to hide behind filters. We’re building a brand that can help people feel good about themselves and look good in their own skin. 

The issue we’re addressing is real and universal. People become addicted to using beauty filters to hide their “imperfections”. We know that young people, in particular, are negatively impacted as our society continues to place such a high value on appearance. This is because social media rewards those who have most “likes” and “followers”. But remember, the number of likes is not equal to your self-worth! 

We are here not only as a skincare brand but also to share our values with the world. Don’t be afraid to show the world the real you, the real places you visit, the real food you eat, and most importantly, the real wrinkles, acne, and dark circles! We will always say what is on our minds in the hopes of making a difference! We want to help people in feeling good about themselves. And we want a place where people can be themselves and share their stories, regardless of whether they follow the crowd or not. We want you to be honest with yourself and with others at all times. Because true beauty shines brightest when it is unfiltered #filterless.

Believe us when we say that the day you stop caring about what others think or say, your life will change drastically. Perhaps the absence of unnecessary drama would make life easier. Fake people have an image to maintain, whereas real people are unconcerned. Remember that the next time you feel insecure. Be proud of who you are and celebrate your true self.

It’s time this trend ends.

It’s time to be honest with yourself.

We should not feel ashamed for fine lines, wrinkles, bumpy texture, or acne. Simply taking care of your skin will help you regain your confidence. Lets make “no filter” the new trend!

The Filterless is a cosmetics skincare brand that promotes a no filter lifestyle and is designed to make you feel good in your own skin!

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